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Application FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

  1. Is uploading of PRC mandatory?

    Uploading of PRC in not required. However, If you are applying under any reserved quota (OBC/ MOBC/STH/STP/SC), you need to upload the caste certificate from the appropriate authority.

  2. I have not got the Grade Sheet/Mark sheet yet? How can I upload it?

    You can upload the scanned copy of the grade sheet in JPG format at the time of feeding of marks and uploading of grade sheet on the specified dates.

  3. Where shall I get the additional forms for other Quotas?

    These are downloadable from the Admission Portal in the relevant section of the online Application Form.
  1. For how many courses can one student apply?

    An applicant is eligible to apply for a maximum of one Traditional Course  and two Interdisciplinary Courses. For this purpose, the applicant has to select all the three programme of studies one after another in the online Admission Application Form.

  2. What are the necessary documents, which are to be uploaded at the time of application?

    You will need to upload
    1. A recent photograph
    2. Scanned copy of your signature
    3. Copy of Graduation grade sheet
    4. Scanned copy of a Bank Pass Book – front page of the pass book where account holder details are being mentioned
    5. DHE Unique ID acknowledgement
    6. Caste Category certificate, if applicable
    7. EWS Certificate from the concerned authority, if applicable