European Chapter of GUAA

The European Chapter of Gauhati University Alumni Association is formally inaugurated today, on Saturday, 27 February, 2016 in London at the London School of Economics. For this purpose, a 14-member team of faculty members from Gauhati University led by Vice Chancellor, Dr Mridul Hazarika has been visiting the UK. Besides being present on this historic occasion for establishing a strong overseas connection, the team of teachers have also visited several reputed institutions in the UK including University of Oxford, Kings College London, Brunel University London, University of York, Queen and Mary University London, University of East London, University College London, for promoting bilateral collaboration between Gauhati University and other world class institutions at the UK.

Vice Chancellor of Gauhati University, Dr Mridul Hazarika, has taken a bold initiative for establishing a linkage amongst the people having touch with this University from the past to the present. He has paved the way for opening up an International Wing of the Alumni Association of this premiere University of the North Eastern Region of India for connecting all its alumni across the globe to form a world platform. Prof Jogen Chandra Kalita, a Commonwealth Scholar and a Commonwealth Fellow and Professor of Zoology, GU has been given the responsibility to act as the Coordinator for the overseas alumni affairs. The University has nominated two Joint Coordinators from abroad, Dr Jayanta B Sarma and Dr Nripen Barkataki to take necessary steps to initiate the process of opening up the European Chapter of Gauhati University Alumni Association. Dr Sarma and Dr Barkataki, both from England, are requested to oversee the development of the European Chapter of Gauhati University Alumni Association and to ensure its dynamic status. 

Members of the Delegation
  1. Mridul Hazarika, Vice Chancellor
    President, Gauhati University Alumni Association

  2. Dibakar Chandra Deka, Professor (Chemistry)
    Gauhati University Alumni Association

  3. Jogen C Kalita, Professor (Zoology)
    Coordinator, Overseas Affairs, Gauhati University Alumni Association

  4. Kishore K Das, Professor (Statistics)

  5. Madhurjya P Bora, Professor (Physics)

  6. Manab Deka, Professor (Bioenginnering & Technology)

The Event

London School of Economics
Houghton St, London WC2A 2AE, United Kingdom
  1. Madhushree Das, Associate Professor (Geography)

  2. Manashi Bora, Associate Professor (English)

  3. Polee Saikia, Associate Professor (Education)

  4. Polly Vauquline, Associate Professor (Women's Studies)

  5. Pradeep Kumar Jain, Associate Professor (Business Administration)

  6. Dwipen Bezbaruah, Assistant Professor (Anthropology)

  7. Kandarpa Kumar Saikia, Assistant Professor (Bioenginnering & Technology)

  8. Ratul Mahanta, Assistant Professor (Economics)


4-Page Flyer on GUAA and the Inaugural Event
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