In the year 1991, a few botanists of Assam including some Botany teachers of various colleges of Guwahati met in Cotton College and discussed among themselves with a view to establish a  Society of Botanist in Assam which culminated into the formation of an Adhoc Committee on 12th December, 1991 with Dr R. N. Bhattacharjee, the then Professor of Botany, Cotton College as its Convenor. After serious consultation with various stakeholders ultimately the "Botanical Society of Assam" came into being in 1993. In the first conference of the Society held in the Department of Botany, Cotton College on 22nd February, 1993, Dr N. K. Choudhury, the then Vice-Chancellor of Gauhati University declared the Society as finally constituted. The said conference was also graced by the presence of the then Vice-Chancellor of Assam Agricultural University, Dr U. C. Upadhyaya. The constitution was subsequently approved and finally the Society was registered in 1993 under the Society Registration Act. In 1993, the Society decided to publish one science magazine in Assamese language named “Udhvid Bigyan Patrika”. In 1995, decision to publish a research journal named “Journal of Advanced Plant Science” was taken. Since then, both the publications are continuing.  The Society is also observing various events like “Science Day”, “Environment Day” in an attempt to popularize science and to create awareness about restoration of environment among people and more particularly among students. The Society is fully committed to uphold the botanical science in the Region. 

The members of the first Executive Committee:

President: Prof. C M Sarma

Working President: Prof. L N Medhi

General Secretary: Prof. R N Bhattacharjee

Treasurer: Prof. C K Baruah

Editor: Prof. P K Patowary