In the “Journal of Advanced Plant Sciences” original research papers related to Plant Sciences are published from anywhere in the world. Each volume of the journal comprises of two issues every year.


1.  The manuscript should be typed double spaced in 12-font size (Times New Roman)  with wide margins in MS Word file format. Figures may be submitted as TIFF or JPEG. The manuscript should not preferably exceed ten pages. Preparation of the manuscript should conform to the style and format in the latest issue of the journal.

2. Sequence of arrangement of the manuscript

Title: It should be brief and very specific. Titles of the manuscript should be in bold (14 font size) and centered near top of the 1st page.\

Author(s) name should be in bold while affiliation(s) should be in italics. Corresponding author should be marked
with (*) and the E-mail address of the corresponding author must be mentioned.


Abstract: Each full paper should have an abstract containing the gist of the results obtained and should not exceed 200 words.

Keywords : Maximum 5, each separated by comma (,)

Running title : Short running title with maximum 50 characters including spaces should follow the abstract.

Text: The text of the article should be clear and precise. It should include Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion.

Tables, Graphs and Figures: Number of tables, graphs and figures should be minimum. The same data should not be used in both tables and graphs. Tables should be typed on separate pages.
The photographs should be submitted either in TIFF or JPEG format. Black and white photographs are accepted. But if colour photographs are submitted then the author(s) will have to bear the expenses for the colour reproduction as decided by the concerned editorial board of the journal.

References: In the text a reference should be given within brackets with a comma (,) between the name of the author and the year, two or more references, however, should be separated by a semicolon (;). References at the end of the text should be arranged alphabetically beginning with the author(s) and followed by the year of the publication, title of the paper, full name of the journal in italics, volume, issue number (if any) in bracket , colon (:) and page numbers. In case of books the name(s) of publisher(s) should be given. Please follow strictly the styles of the references given below:


Hayman, B.I. 1954. The theory and analysis of diallel cross. Genetics 42: 789-809.

Fattah, Q.A., Z. Husain and A. Bano. 1978. Effect of potassium naphthenate on amylase and hexokinase activity of maize grains. Bangladesh Journal of Botany. 7(1): 77-82.

Pontecarvo, G. 1958. Trends in genetic analysis. Columbia Univ. Press, New York. pp. 530.

Burton, G. 1963. Concepts and mechanism of dormancy. In: The growth of the potato (J.D. Ivins and F.L. Milthorpe Eds.), pp. 17-41. Butterworths, London.

Abbreviations: Abbreviations should be the same as those used by the American Journal of Botany.


Short communications: A short communication paper should have an Abstract containing the gist of the paper and should not exceed 60 words. It should not exceed three printed pages (900 words) including Graphs, Tables and Figures. The presentation should be continuous and paragraphed, i.e. without headings like Introduction, Materials and Methods, etc.

Declaration: All authors are requested to sign a declaration certifying that the work was carried out by them and the contents of the paper were neither published before nor submitted for publication in any other journal, and that they have submitted their articles for consideration by the Editorial Committee of the Botanical Society of Assam.



-Page charges of research papers upto 10 pages: Rs. 3000.00

-For each 3 subsequent pages: Rs. 1500.00

-Short communication upto 3 pages: Rs. 1500.00

-Review article (Invited): Free, (Submitted): Same as that of research papers.

-Book review: Free.

*** Electronic version of the manuscript (MS Word), photographs and plates (TIFF or JPEG)  should be mailed to the Chief Editor of   the Journal in the following address



    Authors will receive a .pdf of the edited version of their manuscript for final proofreading. This is the last opportunity to view the article before its publication. No changes or modifications can be introduced once it is published. Thus authors are requested to check their proof pages carefully against the manuscript within 3 working days and prepare a separate document containing all changes that should be introduced.


    Accepted manuscripts are published online using the Online First service as soon as they are ready for publication (when final proofreading has been performed by the authors, and all concerns have been resolved). Final manuscripts may appear online prior to publication of the print version. Once a manuscript has appeared on the website, it is considered as published.


    After the publication of the online version, the author for correspondence is notified by email, and receives a .pdf of the published version.