Submission of Entries

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10. Submission of Entries

  1. All competitors are advised to retain copies of the design submitted.
  2. All plans, accompanying documents and their envelopes / individual packets, if any, included in the competition entry, must bear on the right hand top corner, the unique Registration Number provided on online registration. That number will be the competitor’s code number and has to be used in all the entry documents. The presentation drawings /documents must not bear any other symbol, name, motto, or distinguishing mark.
  3. The competitor will have to submit the followings in their entries:

Stage 1

  • A report on the design and its features, neatly typed in standard A4 stationery preferably not more than 10 pages, should also include a detailed and complete write-up about rules and regulations and architectural controls to be followed while designing and detailing the structure at a later stage.
  • Drawings, plotted with a suitable scale on papers of size not below A3.
  • Master plan of the complex around the proposed centre showing all existing and proposed roads, drains, other structures, ponds, proposed facilities such as sanitation, water supply, street lighting etc., Parking, walkways and all other spaces and their scope of use etc.
  • Landscape Plan.
  • In addition to the above, a maximum of 6 nos. of drawings in paper size not below A3 may be submitted for plans of structures, sectional profiles, elevations, 3D views and any other details as may be felt necessary by the participant for proper expression of design concept. A model to a suitable scale (preferably 1:2000) may be submitted in lieu of / in addition to 3D views.
  • The design entries as per clause above and the sealed envelope containing the Proof of Identity Form should be securely packed. Each presentation document must bear the competitor's code number.
  • The competitors are expected to adhere to all the terms and conditions for proper conduct of the competition including the following:
  • The entries must reach the organiser on or before the date specified.
  • No attempts should be made to influence the Assessors / Jury.
  • Identity should not be disclosed at any point of time till the competition is over.

Stage 2 

Stage 2 of the Competition shall be limited to the shortlisted participants, who shall be called upon by the university for a presentation of their concept. The shortlisting of the candidates shall be carried out by the Jury constituted by the University.