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Past News

International Yoga Day Celebrated in GU

On 21st JUNE, 2018 International Day of Yoga was celebrated by the Gauhati University & GU NSS Cell in association with Vivekananda Kendra, Guwahati Branch on 21st June, 2018 at Gauhati University campus with a good number of participants of NSS volunteers, faculties, Officers and employees. The programme was followed by Demonstration of Yoga by Practitioners, Lecture on Yoga, Various competitions like Debate, Quiz and Extempore speech as a part of IDY programme. Inaugurating the programme, GU Vice-Chancellor Dr. Mridul Hazarika said “Yoga heals our mind, body and soul and hence practice of Yoga helps to maintain sanity in our day to day life”.

Hon’ble VC also urged that Yoga should be a part of life and he appealed to everyone for regular practice of Yoga in the varsity campus. Attending as an invited speaker Sri Dipankar Mahanta, a Social worker, Yoga, Entrepreneurship & Skill development expert said Yoga is essentially a spiritual discipline based on an extremely subtle science, which focuses on bringing harmony between mind and body. Sri Mahanta also said practice of yoga leads to union of individual Consciousness with that of the universal Consciousness, indicating a perfect harmony between the mind and body, Man and Nature.

The objective of the programme was delivered by the Deputy Director, Students’ Welfare, GU Dinesh Ch. Kalita and vote of thanks was offered by Dr. Ranjan Kr. Kakati, Director, Students’ Welfare, GU & Programme Coordinator, GU NSS Cell. Yoga demonstration was performed by Vivekananda Kendra, Guwahati branch members followed by practice of yoga by the participants. After the competitions (Debate, Quiz and Extempore speech), Prizes were distributed among the winners.


Unveiling of Statue of Hemchandra Barua

Hemchandra Barua (1836 - 1897)

On 1st May, 2018 on his death anniversary, a full Bronze Status of 
Hemchandra Barua, the eminent Assamese Lexicographer, Social Reformer, creator of the first Assamese Dictionary - Hemkosh, is being unveiled in Gauhati University Campus. On this occasion, the biennial হেমচন্দ্ৰ বৰুৱা ভাষা-সাহিত্য সাধনা বঁটা (Hemchandra Barua Literary Prize) is also being awarded.

This full bronze statue is being installed under the aegis of Sadin-Partidin Group and Hemkosh Prakashan supported by Gauhati University. The statue will be unveiled by Sri Chandrashekhara Kambara, President of Sahitya Academy. The Unveiling Ceremony will start at 10:30 AM in front of the BKB Auditorium in the GU Campus and will continue with the ceremony at the BKB Auditorium.

PANE (Physics Academy of the NorthEast) Foundation Day Lecture by Prof Dhiraj Bora

Burning Plasma Experiment as Next Step in Fusion


When the whole world is seeking for new and cleaner sources of energy to meet the future global requirements, any attempt to develop such a source is most welcome. It is therefore attractive to think of having fusion as an alternate clean source of energy to contribute in the energy mix towards the second half of the century, with a virtually inexhaustible fuel supply. The environmental impact of fusion would be acceptable and relatively safe. These advantages have driven the world fusion research programme since its inception.

With the establishment of the International Organization (IO) in south of France and starting construction of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) project, fusion is no more a dream but a reality. ITER is an international collaboration of seven parties including India to build the first FUSION SCIENCE EXPERIMENT capable of producing a self-sustaining fusion reaction, called “burning plasma”. Unique features will be its ability to operate for long durations and at power levels ~500 MW sufficient to demonstrate the physics of the burning plasma in a power plant like environment. It will also serve as a test-bed for additional fusion power plant technologies.

Institute for Plasma Research (IPR) has been carefully pursuing the magnetic confinement scheme based on tokamak concept as it is the most experimented and well understood fusion system today. India’s participation in the international experimental reactor ITER is as a full partner. In this partnership India would supply about 9 percent of the reactor components made by Indian industries on the design made by ITER team. Major part of the contribution of each member during the construction phase, therefore, would be in kind.

While fusion technology gets developed for pure fusion reactor, it is envisioned to explore a few immediate applications of tokamaks as an intense source of energetic neutrons. Fusion as an alternate source of energy for the future will be discussed during the talk.

Biography of the Speaker

Born in 1951 in Guwahati, India, Dr Dhiraj Bora received his Masters Degree from the Peoples' Friendship University of Moscow in 1974, and his Doctorate in Physics from the Physical Research Laboratory (PRL) in Ahmedabad. For almost 25 years since then he has been active in plasma physics research, particularly at the Institute for Plasma Research (IPR) in Gandhinagar. Dr Bora´s primary interest has been radio frequency heating and current drive in tokamaks. He has been the project leader of the RF group in his institute since its inception. In the past fifteen years the group has developed heating and current drive systems based on high power commercial tubes at megawatt levels and different frequencies. In his earlier days, Dr Bora was involved in measurements using microwave diagnostics and bolometers in tokamak plasmas.

Dr Dhiraj Bora joined as the Vice Chancellor of Assam Science and Technology University (ASTU) in November, 2016, prior to which he was the Director of IPR. Dr Bora was also a Deputy Director General and Director at ITER, the International Organization, Cadarache, France. Before joining ITER, he had been a Professor and Project Leader at the Institute for Plasma Research, Bhat, Gandhinagar, India on various projects. He was a guest scientist in the Institut fuer Plasmaphysik in Juelich, Germany and a visiting scientist in Fusion Research Centre at the University of Texas at Austin. Dr Bora has been a member of several Indian delegations to IAEA Fusion Research Meetings.He is a member of the International Advisory Committee of the IAEA – Technical Meeting and a member of the SSOG group. He had been a member of the C16 Commission on Plasma Physics of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP).

Praiseworthy performance of GU Team at UniFest 2018

Gauhati University Cultural Team comprising of 40 numbers of contingents has participated in the UniFest 2018 - the National Inter-University Youth Festival held at Ranchi University, Ranchi from 16 - 20 February 2018. Amongst the selected 70 participating universities in 33rd National Youth Festival, Gauhati University has won 10 prizes in different events. These prizes are - Folk Dance (1st prize), Folk orchestra (2nd prize), Cultural Procession (2nd prize), Skit (2nd prize), Installation (2nd prize), Western Group Song (2nd prize), Western Solo Instrumental (2nd prize), Ellocution (3rd prize), Classical Vocal Solo (3rd prize).

Dr. Ranjan Kr. Kakati, Director, Students’ Welfare, Gauhati University and Kuldeep Patgiri of GU participated as Team Managers of the Gauhati University team. The prize winning students are namely Tamak Ranjan Dutta, Annesha Mahanta, Manash Jyoti Saikia, Marami Sharma, Jyoti Sharma, Chumka Borah, Swarika Singha, Bishwasi Mahanta, Jutirupa Sarma, Baishalee Chamuah, Hirakjyoti Sarma , Bhaskar Jyoti Sarma, Prabal Saikia, Madhusmita Mahanta, Mrinmoyee Chetia , Firoz Hassan, Pohar Borah, Rituparna Saikia, Udiptya Lahkar, Kapil Rabha, Mridul Haloi, Tabitha Gousianching, Namrata Priyam Saikia, Mounita Borah, Trishna Devi, Anju Hazarika, Bijit Das, Abdul Momin, Biswajit Sarma, Jaya Jaiswal, Suman Das, Jyotiprasad Rabha, and Swagota Borkakati.





Bridging the North-East - AIT, Bangkok

A delegation from Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok visited Gauhati University on 13th of June, 2016 for developing collaborative executive development program and capacity building for the North-Eastern States of India. The program is believed to benefit the college principals and state civil servants of the North-East region of India. Selected participants of such programs are likely to be trained by both GU at Guwahati and AIT at Bangkok. AIT is currently engaged in EDPs in many countries. In a meeting attended by Director IDOL, Prof P J Das, Coordinator IQAC, Prof J P Tamuli, and other senior professors of academic departments, GU, Vice Chancellor Dr Mridul Hazarika welcomed the AIT delegation headed by Dr Jonathan Shaw, Executive Director of AIT and Dr Predeep Kumar Dash, Senior Program Specialist, AIT Extension, and emphasized upon student and faculty exchanged programs. The delegation visited the laboratories of Bioengineering and Technology department and Biodiversity park under Department of Zoology, later during the day and exchanged their views.


National Award to GU Professor Dr Ritamoni Baishya

Dr Rita Moni Baishya, an Associate Professor in the Department of Hindi has been awarded the Hindi Writer National Award, 2015 for her book 'Lohit Kinare'. The award is given by central Hindi Directorate under the Department of Higher Education under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, to a Hindi Writer from a non-Hindi Speaking area. The award carries Rupees One Lakh and a Citation. 'Lohit Kinare' is a collection of ten selected short stories written by Sneh Devi, Nirupama Borgohain, Mamoni Roisom Goswami, Manorama Das Medhi, Purabi Barmudoi, Arupa Patingia Karita, Rita chaudhury, Anuradha sharma pujari, Monikuntala Bhattacharjee, and Mouchumi Kandali.

The short stories were written originally in Assamese which are edited and translated into Hindi by Dr Baishya. The book has been published by Navachetan Prakashan, Delhi.

NIRF Ranking : Gauhati University is 4th Among the State Universities

In a recent survey by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) through the National Institutional of Ranking Framework (NIRF), Gauhati University has been ranked as the 4th best university among the state universities and 22nd among all. For details, please visit the NIRF website. The criteria over which this ranking was based on were - (a) Teaching, Learning & Resources (TLR), (b)  Research Productivity, Impact and IPR (RPII), (c) Graduation Outcome (GO), (d) Outreach and Inclusivity (OI), and (e) Perception (PR)

Kumar Shivam and Jyotish Kalita wins TATA Crucible Campus Quiz 2016

Kumar Shivam and Jyotish Kalita of Istitute of Science and Technology (GUIST), Gauhati University wins the prestigious TATA Crucible Campus Quiz 2016 beating NIT Silchar. It was the team from Gauhati University, which started scoring and came up with some really brilliant strikes, in succession, to get ahead of the rest but still behind NIT. It was in the 'Slog Overs' that they capitalised most and with two questions to go they overtook NIT to put the pressure right back on them. Forced to play the buzzer, NIT went in for it on the penultimate question and got it right.

Kumar Shivam and Jyotish Kalita, Champions at TATA Crucible Campus Quiz, 2016

Inauguration of European Chapter of Gauhati University Alumni Association

European Chapter of GUAA

The European Chapter of Gauhati University Alumni Association is being inaugurated on Saturday, 27 February, 2016 in London at the London School of Economics. For this purpose, a 14-member team of faculty members from Gauhati University led by Vice Chancellor, Dr Mridul Hazarika is visiting the UK. Besides being present on this historic occasion for establishing a strong overseas connection, the team of teachers are also visiting several reputed institutions in the UK for promoting bilateral collaboration between Gauhati University and other world class institutions at the UK.

Vice Chancellor of Gauhati University, Dr Mridul Hazarika, has taken a bold initiative for establishing a linkage amongst the people having touch with this University from the past to the present. He has paved the way for opening up an International Wing of the Alumni Association of this premiere University of the North Eastern Region of India for connecting all its alumni across the globe to form a world platform. Prof Jogen Chandra Kalita, a Commonwealth Scholar and a Commonwealth Fellow and Professor of Zoology, GU has been given the responsibility to act as the Coordinator for the overseas alumni affairs. The University has nominated two Joint Coordinators from abroad, Dr Jayanta B Sarma and Dr Nripen Barkataki to take necessary steps to initiate the process of opening up the European Chapter of Gauhati University Alumni Association. Dr Sarma and Dr Barkataki, both from England, are requested to oversee the development of the European Chapter of Gauhati University Alumni Association and to ensure its dynamic status.