1. Are there any building height restrictions to be complied with based on the site location / land use zone?
No restriction on height. But the general seismicity factor of the region (Zone V) needs to be considered and relevant Indian seismic code shall be followed.

  1. What is the preferred point of entry? From the adjacent NH-37, or within the existing Campus itself?
The main entry to the Centre will be from within the campus. Photograph of the approach road from the GU main gate is available at the Download section (see the navigation bar). However it is desirable that the proposed building should have an aesthetic view from the adjacent NH-37. 
  1. What is the parking requirement?
Separate car parking area for staff and visitors may be planned outside the main building.
  1. Should the main building to be compulsorily planned in a single block?
  1. What is the air conditioning requirement?
The overall concept should be green and the natural ventilation and circulation should be preferred as far as possible. The proposed design should try to minimise the A/C requirement in the common areas such as lobby, corridors, reception area etc.  A/C may be considered for Computer Rooms, Library, Transit Accommodation, Office chambers, and Laboratories but the design of the building should be able to keep the inside temperature at a suitable level so that A/C facilities draw minimum power.
  1. Could you please clarify if the areas indicated in the Competition Booklet hold good or if there is any correction expected?
The Museum and Workshop dimension should be 30 m by 10 m. Provision for a physical modelling lab may be made outside the main building, as a separate structure.
  1. Are site pictures and pictures of surrounding buildings available?
Please see the Download section. A Google Map is available in the Competition Booklet. The Google Map co-ordinate of the site is 26.157542, 91.660489
  1. Can you provide any  hydrological data for soil as well as soil bearing capacity?
Please see the Download section.
  1. What is the total population envisaged for proposed building?
Please see the Competition Booklet. Also see the information in the Project Upload section.
  1. What is the lab area for the computer unit?
Standard for a High Performance Computing Centre.
  1. What should be the Cafeteria size?
For 40 to 50 persons at a time.
  1. What should be the sizes of different labs and library?
It is dependent on the architect. Note that the final floor areas of different labs may be adjusted. This design should only be indicative.
  1. How many Transit Accommodation Facility should be planned?
Five units.
  1. No provision has been made for services areas and circulation in the Projected Space Utilisation in the Competition Booklet. Can you provide some information on this?
Provision may be planned suitably.
  1. Can the indicated floor allocations be changed?
Given floor allocation is indicative only. Allocation may be changed as per design requirement. The floor area or room size mentioned in the booklet are only indicative and the participants are free to decide on actual requirement of sizes/ areas . Further, where no data is given, the participants will take his own decision as per his best architectural design.