Sl No. Organization Name Place Signed on MoU (in pdf)
 1 National University of Laos
 Lao People's Democratic Republic 07.08.2017 View
 2 Blizard Institute London, United Kingdom 13.02.2016 View
 3 Kunming Institute of Botany

 Kunming, China 07.07.2016 View
 4 Kunming University of Science and Technology

 Kunming, China 05.07.2016 View
 5 Stefan Meyer Institute of the Austria Academy of  Sciences Vienna, Austria

 12.09.2017 View
 6 University of Greenwich

 Kent, United Kingdom 03.03.2016 View
 7 University of the West of Scotland

 Scotland, United Kingdom 29.03.2016 View
 8 Uppsala University

 Uppsala, Sweden 28.10.2013  View
 9 Kagawa University

 Japan 03.08.2015 View
 10 University of Naples

 Federico-II, Italy 18.12.2017 View

 Plant Genome Research Institute, Chungnam National University Republic of Korea 12.01.2012 View

 Sherubtse College Kanglung, Bhutan 10.05.2018 View