Programme Order

27th Convocation, Gauhati University

8th August, 2018
Venue : BKB Auditorium, Gauhati University 

2:00 PM

  1. Academic Procession arrives at the Convocation Hall i.e. the BKB Auditorium

  2. The National Anthem and the University Anthem

  3. Welcome address by the Registrar and he request the Chancellor to start the proceedings

  4. Declaration of opening of the Convocation by the Chancellor

  5. The Chancellor call upon the Vice Chancellor to address the Convocation

  6. The Chancellor requests the Guests of Honour to address the Convocation

  7. The Chancellor requests the Chief Guest to deliver the Convocation Address

  8. The Chancellor Addresses the Convocation

  9. The Chancellor confers the degrees

  10. Presentation of the Mahamahopadhyaya Biswanarayan Shastri Gold Medal

  11. O Mor Aponar Desh

  12. The National Anthem

  13. Registrar Requests the Chancellor for closure of the Convocation

  14. The Chancellor declares the closure of the Convocation

  15. All present to stand up till the procession leaves the Convocation Hall