Schedule & Instructions

27th Convocation, Gauhati University

8th August, 2018
Venue : BKB Auditorium, Gauhati University 

2:00 PM

Schedule/Activity for the Registered Convocation Participants for receiving Certificates of Degree/Diploma (2017) in the Convocation

  1. 11:00 AM
    Reporting time at Students' Day Home : 11:00 AM

  2. 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM
    Receipt of Convocation Robes, etc on production of GU Receipt of Convocation Fee, etc along with ID proof

  3. 12:45 PM
    All Registered Convocation Participants wearing Convocation Robes shall have to take part in the Academic Procession to go to BKB Auditorium and to occupy their respective seats.

  4. Distribution of Degree/Diploma Certificates (2017) to the registered Participants
    All Ph.D./M.Phil. degree recipients shall get their certificates from the Hon’ble Chancellor  in BKB Auditorium during the Convocation
    (ii) All others (i.e. Bachelor, Masters degree, etc) shall get their certificates from the respective counters opened in Main Arts Building after the Convocation

  5. Refreshment will be served at Students’ Day Home : While receiving Robes and After Returning Robes

  6. All the registered participants (other than Ph.D./M.Phil.) shall receive their Degree/Diploma certificates from the respective counters in Main Arts Building (as given in the Table below) on production of the Robe Return Coupon along with Photo ID Card and GU Receipt.

  7. Immediately after closure of the Convocation all the registered participants shall have to return their Robes, etc at the Students’ Day Home and to obtain a Robe Return Coupon.

  8. The applicants whose applications have been found incomplete are requested to contact Certificate Branch after 10th August, 2018.

  9. There shall be provision of sale of Convocation Memento/Souvenir (Memorabilia) from the Sale Counter in front of BKB Auditorium.

  10. The Ph.D./M.Phil. degree recipients also shall have to obtain Robe Return Coupon (to preserve as a proof of Robe return).