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Skill Based Activity (SBA)



As you are aware that the CBCS VACs and Open Courses are being implemented for the second semester. Accordingly all departments offering VACs are mandatorily required to arrange Skill Based Activities (SBA)  that would be held concurrently  with the departmental VAC. 

The SBAs are offered to those in-house students of the department who fail to register themselves in VACs of their parent department or of other participating departments.  

The SBAs are to be drawn from a common list of skill based activities which will be formally put up in the hon'ble Academic Council for endorsement. This list can be accessed by all participating departments according to the individual relevance and requirement.

The CC-CBCS and CIC invites SBA proposal from all esteemed faculty members of the university to be incorporated in the list. The activity should be designed to be imparted/undertaken in one hour which could contain life skills/soft skills/functional skills. It is important to indicate the mode of delivery so that the host departments can arrange the necessary infrastructure for the activity to be efficiently implemented. 


SBA could take the following form

·  Interpreting the Public Budget

·  Medicinal Plants for Common Cure

·  Making a Power Point Presentation 

·  Writing formal letters and application

·  Communicating in English

·  Developing Public Speaking Skills

·  Sourcing literature in the internet

·  Film Appreciation

·  Historical Tourism

·  Science in daily life

·  Nuances in formal writing  

·  How to sit in an interview

The list is only indicative and purely for illustration purpose.


The CC-CBCS and CIC is also considering a proposal to develop an incentive structure for the resource persons in the list in terms of the response they get from the participating departments.