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Overview and Scope

The North East India bears strategic national importance geographically, economically and politically due to the region sharing the border with four other countries, namely, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China and Myanmar. The region itself is a colourful mosaic of ethnicity, culture and linguistic variations. Systematic and scientific study of the region on issues related to the geography, natural resources, history, economy, ethnicity, languages and culture is the need of the hour for better exposure of the region to the rest of India and the world. The region at present is at the vortex of activity due to the ‘Act East Policy’ of the Government of India. Findings of good quality research work could greatly help the policy makers to properly adapt their roadmaps of development by pointing out the regional nuances of various coexistent cultures, ethnicity, languages and religious practices. To partially achieve this objective, the GUINEIS Journal seeks to promote inter-disciplinary discourse and research on the land, nature, history, economy and the people of Northeast India.