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Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of Gauhati University

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) is a full fledged office of Gauhati University which oversees the overall academic and organisational quality of the institution.

The IQAC, Gauhati University is reconstituted through notification no. GU/M/IQAC/3935-3958 dated 19/09/2019.

The Vice Chancellor, G.U.

Administrative Officers
  1. The Rector, G.U.
  2. The Registrar, G.U.
  3. Treasurer, G.U.
  4. Academic Registrar, G.U.
  5. Secretary, University Classes, G.U.
  6. Controller of Examinations, G.U.

Teacher Members
  1. Professor Abani Kr. Bhagabati, Department of Geography, G.U.
  2. Professor Hemanta Kr. Sarma, Department of Mathematics, G.U.
  3. Professor Sanjay Kumar Singh, Department of Library & Information Science, G.U.
  4. Professor Asha Kuthari Chaudhuri, Department of English, G.U.
  5. Professor Shikhar Kumar Sarma, Department of Information Technology, G.U.
  6. Professor Jayanta Krishna Sarmah, Department of Political Science, G.U.
  7. Dr. Dulumoni Goswami, Department of Education, G.U.
  8. Dr. Chandana Sarmah, Department of Anthropology, G.U.

Member of the Management
Shri Robin Goswami, E.C. Member, G.U.

Nominees from Local Society, Students, and Alumni
  1. Professor Birinchi Kumar Das, Vice-Chancellor, Bhattadev University, Pathsala, Assam
  2. Mr. Rituraj Borah, Deputy Commissioner, Marigaon, Assam

Nominees from Employers / Industrialists / Stakeholders
To be co-opted

Director, IQAC, G.U. - Professor Bhaben Tanti, G.U.