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Official (GOI) Advisory on How to Make Your Own Face Mask

NOTE : The current points are as per the current data. They are expected to rise as the day progresses.

Predictions based on immediate trend : About 20,000 cases by 21st April (Error 0%)
Predictions based on immediate trend : About 31,000 cases by 28th April (Error 3.3%)
Predictions based on immediate trend : About 42,000 cases by 3rd May (Error 5.0%)
For prediction of active & new cases based on the SIR model, click here th
Predictions was  : About 10,000 cases by 13th April
Actual data was  : About 10,453 cases on 13th April (Error = 4.5%)

Coronavirus and Covid-19 Database with Visualisation
Important figures : 1st Case       : 30th Jan
Important figures : 100th Case   : 14th March (in 45 days)
Important figures : 1,000th Case : 28th March (in 15 days)
Important figures : 2,000th Case : 1st April (in 5 days)
Important figures : 3,000th Case : 3rd April (in 3 days)
Important figures : 5,000th Case : 7th April (in 5 days)
Important figures : 10,000th Case : 13th April (in 6 days)
Important figures : 20,000th Case : 21st April (in 8 days)

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