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Bioengineering & Technology

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  • Immunology (BTech)
  • Food Biotechnology (BTech)
  • Food Science and Technology (MTech)
    (Debabrat Baishya)

  • Food Science and Technology (MSc)
    (Vasudeva Singh - via Conference Call)

  • Medical Biotechnology (BTech, Semester IV)
  • Medical Biotechnology (BTech, Semester VI)
  • Molecular Oncology (MTech, Semester II)
    (Kandarpa Kr Saikia)

  • Bioprocess Engineering (BTech, Semester VI)
  • Biochemical Engineering and Fermentation Technology (MTech, Semester II)
  • GATE Preparation Class (BTech)
    (Mohammad Ghaznavi Idris)

  • Food Product Development and Sensory Evaluation; Dairy chemistry and Dairy products
    (Integrated MSc & PhD in Food Science)
    (Nikhil Manhot)

  • Bioprocess Engineering (BTech, Semester VI)
  • Fermentation Technology (BTech, Semester VI)
    (Madhuri Das)

  • Natural Product Chemistry (BTech, Semester VI)
    (Sofia Banu)