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Google Meet through Classroom

You can now start Google Meet from inside your Google Classroom. The steps to do so are the following:
  1. Start Google Classroom and login through your institutional email ID.

    If you are already logged into Gmail or other Google apps, you should logout of all the apps and start Google Classroom though your institutional email ID.

  2. Go to your class and click on setting symbol - a small gear shaped symbol at the top right corner of your Classroom screen.

  3. Once in the setting, browse down to the line Generate meet link and click there. You will have the option for the link generated to be visible to the students or not. By default, the link will be visible to the students.

  4. Now that you have generated the meet link, this will be permanent and you need not keep on generating a meeting link and keep on inviting the students to join the meeting. Once inside the Classroom, in a particular stream, if you click on the Meet symbol at the top, the students automatically gets invited to join the meeting.