Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy
This Newsletter is brought out twice in a year usually in September-October and February-March. Please NOTE that copyrights of all articles/photographs submitted for the purpose of inclusion in the PANE Newsletter would belong to PANE. Please keep a copy of your submitted entries. We SHALL NOT return your submission. All submission will be subject to moderation and editing. Also, sometimes it will not be possible for us to publish all the submitted article / news / photographs. The decision of the Editorial Committee will be final in this regard.

Policy on Plagiarism
Any article will be summarily rejected if parts of the submitted entry (either in the form of complete sentences, paragraphs, and figures) are found to be plagiarised (copy-pasting or reproducing ad verbatim from the orginal, without any acknowledgement). We request the contributors to apply the academic ethics in this regard.

Copyright Issues
It is usually seen that authors submit figures which are available in the Internet thinking that these can be used freely without any permission. But we would like to make it aware to our readers that NOT ALL images (figures), and material, which are available in the Internet, are free to be used anywhere. Before submitting any such documents (or images) please look for copyright issues and ensure that the images can be used freely.

For example, if you browse the current issue of the Newsletter (Vol 3, Issue 2), you will find that all images are used with proper license.