PANE Newsletter

One of the main activities of PANE is publishing its newsletter. The PANE Newsletter is usually published twice in a year. It publishes description about activities held (or to be held) in its member organisations and activities held other institutions under the aegis of PANE.

The Newsletter also publishes news about achievements by its members, research highlights (by its members), scientific articles of general interest, and reviewed research papers (as Letter to the PANE Newsletter).

Contributions to the PANE Newsletter are accepted ONLY online. For more information and to know the scope of the Newsletter please visit the Online Submission link on the left (you can also navigate from the left panel).

Contribution to PANE Newsletter
We welcome your contributions for the forthcoming News Letter (i.e. next issue). Please note that contributions to PANE Newsletter can be submitted at any time and is open all throughout the year. However, please note the deadline displayed below for a particular issue. You can submit your articles/news in any of the following categories:

Scientific Articles
Should be short (maximum 3 pages in a A4 size paper), innovative, instructional, and of general interets. Articles in the general category should avoid technical and mathematical details and should include only necessary diagrams/figures etc. Please DO NOT include scientific figures which may interest only an expert.

Research Highlights
We welcome important research highlights by our PANE members.

Research Articles  (Letters to PANE Newsletter)
Should be a research article, can contain important result, publishable in research journal. Articles submitted in this category will be peer reviewed. Of maximum size of 3 pages in A4 size paper. Should be written in proper scientific article style with complete references and an abstract.

News in your own institute/locality. DO NOT submit general physics news which are already available in the Internet and elsewhere. News about any upcoming events/seminar/conefernce/workshops etc. are welcome.

Photographs of any local events or any other relevant subjects.