• Bioprospecting and Traditional Herbal Practices
  • Ethnic Medicinal Plants-Cultivation, Documentation & Conservation Drug Discovery and Natural Products
  • Pharmacognosy of Traditional Medicinal Practices
  • Pharmacology and Biological Effects
  • Traditional Practices of non-plant related source
  • Herbal Medicine Preparation
  • Dosage Formulation of Herbal Products
  • Traditional Foods and its Benefits
  • Food Preservation Techniques
  • Plant Tissue Culture and Medicinal Plant Diversity Nanobiotechnology: Biosynthesis and Drug Delivery
  • Molecular Biotechnology- Characterization and Improvement Bioinformatics and Medicinal Plants
  • Biopiracy, IPR and Patents
  • Entrepreneurship and Marketing
  • Challenges and Opportunities in Ethnic Medicines
  • Clinical Research in Ethnic  Medicine