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Allotment of Elective :: 2018

In your 4th Semester, you need to choose any one elective from among 7 options. Please note that none of the elective is compulsory, but you need to choose any one from Physics Department or from any other department. You can choose any one from the Physics Department but you can choose only one from another department which is marked Open.

To choose from a paper from other department, please visit the link here. We have two Open papers (PHY-4096 : Plasma Physics, PHY-4116 : Fundamentals of Lasers and Photonics).

Please note that all Open and Elective papers - whether from our department or from other departments - are equivalent and your degree will have the same weightage.

If you would like to opt for an Elective paper from Physics Department, please click on the left image.
If you would like to choose an Open Elective paper from any other departments, please click  on right image.

Online Registration (Physics Department)

Elective Allotment

Online Registration (University-Wide)