Latitude : 26º 09' 09'' N    Longitude : 91º 40' 05'' E     Elevation : 71m

We have designed certain experiments for the students who have opted for experimental (observational) astronomy. All experiments will be conducted at the GUO and we shall mostly use the 925 CGE Pro telescope for the experimnets. Below are two downloadable PDF documents - one is the Astrolab Pre-requisits and the other Astrolab Experiments. We strongly suggest that the student go through the Pre-requisites first and educate themselves about the terminology and scientific instruments.

These documents will be updated as and when required and the students will be informed about this


Astrolab Pre-requisites

Download the pre-requisites 


Astrolab Experiments

Download the experiments    (Complete Set - High Resolution - Web Optimised)

Download individual experimental write-up

  1. Expt #1 : Alignment
  2. Expt #2 : Field of View (FoV)
  3. Expt #3 : Measuring sizes
  4. Expt #4 : Skyglow
  5. Expt #5 : Light Grasp
  6. Expt #6 : Plate Scale of a CCD
  7. Expt #7 : Lunar Crater Parameters