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Electronic Attendance Record


Two finger print recorders are installed in the Physics Gallery for recording attendance. All students attending classes in the gallery MUST record their attendance through these two recorders.

Please follow these steps shown below to record your attendance.
  1. The fingerprint recorders should be in Switched On position (if you see the power light on, they are switched on). If NOT, then switch them on by switching the power button from the wall socket. Wait for the system to be ready.
  2. Put either your index finger in the recorder window (see the image below).
  3. If you hear a voice Thank You then you are done. Go to your seat.
  4. If you hear other wise telling you that Please Try Again, then your attendance is not recorded. Wipe your finger dry and clean and try again.
  5. If you can not still record your attendance, wait for the teacher and / or inform the office.

How to record your attendance


You need to record your attendance three times a day to claim full attendance. The timing windows are as follows.
  1. 09:25 AM to 09:45 AM    (First Recording : 20 minutes window)
  2. 11:30 PM to 11:50 AM    (Second Recording : 20 minutes window)
  3. 02:00 PM to 02:20 PM    (Third Recording : 20 minutes window)
For any extra theory classes (away from the usual schedule), you MUST record your attendance. Your teacher will make a note of these extra class(es) s/he has taken and all the attendance will be counted for these extra class(es).


Your recording window is irrespective of your teacher's punctuality, meaning it is NOT dependent on whether a teacher is late. If your teacher takes longer than the designated time, you still need to get up from your seat and record your attendance.