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Dissertation :: 2018-19

All students of MSc Physics MUST do a dissertation in their 4th Semester (the last semester). The dissertation is in-depth study on a particular subject released to Physics where the student carry out a mini research-type activity under one supervisor. The subject of dissertation need not be related to the elective papers a student has opted, rather it should be a topic where a student wants to carry out further research. In many instances, this may lay the foundation of a research career for a student. Which is why it is very important for student to choose the right topic.

Selection Process
A student will opt for the subject of dissertation and the supervisor through an online process (see below), where s/he can give preference about the supervisors. A supervisor may from among the faculty members of the department or may be a faculty member from an affiliated college or a sister institute.

The selection of process will be based on merit (i.e. 1st and 2nd Semester Marks) and preference. However a supervisor may consider a different mode to select those students who expresses desires to carry out the dissertation work under that supervisor.