Allotment of Dissertation

Following is the list of allotment of Dissertation for 4th Semester, MSc Physics (2019)

NOTE #1 :
The allotment has been done as per preference of the student and then as per the SGPA in 2nd Semester (this has the approval of the DAC dated 29 December, 2015) and if there is a tie then the SGPA in the 1st Semester is considered.

All students are supposed to give preferences for that faculty member, with whom the student would like to do a dissertation. Giving the same preference to multiple teacher would result a random allotment of the student (within the preference only).

If some students do not get allocation as per their preference, they can discuss the matter with the prospective supervisor and the fellow students to get a re-allocation.

There is NO limit on the maximum number of students a teacher can supervise.

The allocation of a student under a supervisor CAN NOT be demanded, unless supported by the student's marks and preference.

NOTE #2 :
Please read the Legends at the end of the allocation list.

NOTE #3 :
These allocations are ONLY provisional. All dissertation allocation will have to be confirmed by the indicated supervisor. So, the prospective student should contact her / his supervisor for confirmation of the allocation.

Supervisors From Physics, GU
Abhijit Das
Anurup Gohain Barua
Banty Tiru
Bimal Kumar Sarma
Biman J Medhi
Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee
Deepali Sarkar
Hemen Kumar Kalita
Hirakjyoti Goswami
Kalpana Bora
Kalyanee Boruah
Kushal Kalita
Madhurjya P Bora
Manos P C Kalita
Sanjeev Kalita
Simanta Hazarika
Sulochana Deb
Subhankar Roy