Preparing Your Presentation


Please note that this is an examination NOT a lecture. So, you would like to put across the summary of your dissertation in a short time so that the examiner is convinced about your knowledge. Note that your printed dissertation will be available with the examiner and so a detailed derivation of different formulae in your presentation is NOT required. The examiner would like to see only the main features of your work which includes (a) Introduction to the subject (b) Basic formalism (c) Theoretical or experimental or simulation setup (d) Results & Conclusions.


The duration of your presentation will be roughly 10 minutes with a few minutes for question and answers.

  1. You should make an electronic presentation using any available software.
  2. Roughly, there should be a maximum of around 30 to 40 slides.
  3. Your presentation MUST not contain any animation and elaborate design. Include animation, if it is a part of your work such as to show simulation etc.
  4. Prepare your dissertation with letters at least with 40pt and black over white background.
  5. You MUST not give elaborate introduction. Note that you will NOT have enough time if you spend too much time on Introduction. Also the examiner will already probably know about the subject.
  6. In theoretical work, put your working formulae, necessary equations, necessary assumptions that you have made. Make separate slide(s) to show the results.
  7. In experimental work, show the schematic diagram of your experimental setup or a photograph showing different main components of the experiment and the process.
  8. Include a list of bare minimum bibliography.
  9. Thank your supervisor (it's a necessary courtesy) at the end and mention names of the person you would like to thank.
  10. At the beginning of your presentation, make a bullet point lists to show what you are going to present.
  11. DO NOT write stuff copied from the Internet and stuff that you do not have any idea. Note that this is your presentation and you are supposed to know about each and every word that your have put in your presentation. DO NOT include phrases, words, sentences, figures etc. just for the sake of making your presentation smart and about which you probably will not have any idea!
  12. Always spell-check your presentation and take care so that the language you speak is grammatically right. DO NOT use wrong English.
  13. Please make full dress-rehearsal of your presentation by doing mock presentation which should be finished within time i.e. within about 10 minutes or less. 
  14. It is always advisable to put yourself in the position of an examiner and ask yourself about the probable questions.
  15. Please load your presentation in the presentation laptop beforehand and ensure that everything works fine. Contact Sri P C Kalita in this regard.
Preparation Software

Following are only some of the few softwares that you can use to make your presentation.
  1. LyX with Beamer template. In LyX presentation, you can directly import your mathematical equations from your dissertation, provided you have prepared your dissertation using LyX.
  2. MS Powerpoint
  3. Apple Keynote
  4. Oracle OpenOffice
From the link given below, you can download a sample presentation made with LyX Beamer template (2.0 MB).