Writing Software

Though you can write your dissertation using any desktop publishing software, the preferable way of writing your dissertation is through LATEX (pronounced as Lay-Tek). This is a typesetting language originally developed by Donald Knuth and latter made popular by Laslie Lamport.

This is a typesetting language NOT a publication software like Adobe Pagemaker or Microsoft Word. Once you write your document using normal text editor (NOT Word or something) with  LATEX commands, your document can be processed with the  LATEX software to produce the production-level final document. This is also the default software which is used to write scientific papers for journals, books etc. Using  LATEX, mathematical equations and symbols can be written very easily. For example, writing \alpha translates to α, \beta becomes β etc.

However, writing a document in  LATEX by  newcomer may be a bit daunting! Which is where LYX comes in. LYX is a fronted for LATEX meaning you can very easily write documents in LATEX through LYX very easily as it has menu driven interface.

 LYX can be installed in GNU Linux O/S, Microsoft Windows, or in Apple Mac OSX. However, as we have seen that for  LYX to run successfully, you need a LATEX system to work for your O/S as  LYX is just a frontend.

GNU Linux

In Debian based system like Ubuntu, all you need to do is to run the command

sudo apt-get install lyx

and everything is installed.

Microsoft Windows

In MS Windows, you first need to install a  LATEX system. There are many but most people install MiK-TeX (pronounced as Meek-Tek).  Once MiK-TeX is installed, you can install LYX.


In Mac OSX, all you need to install is Texlive and then LYX.