Dissertation Templates

Template Files

We provide you the following LyX template files. In the Google Drive folder (link given below) you will be able to download the following files:

1.         dissertation_template.lyx  Latest LyX template (LyX version 2.2.1)
2. dissertation_template.21.lyx  LyX template (version 2.1)
3. dissertation_template.20.lyx  LyX template (version 2.0)
4.  dissertation_template.pdf  The final PDF file.
5.  lunar crater.png  A PNG graphics file included in the document
6.  moon-crater.eps  An EPS (encapsulated Postscript) graphics file included in the document
7.  shadow.eps  An EPS graphics file included in the document
8. Instructions.pdf An instruction file about the dissertation


Download all files to a separate folder. Open the LyX file (depending on your LyX version) with your LyX software. Click the view button to see the PDF file.

Download Templates