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Pre-PhD Course Work Results :: 2017

The result of Pre-PhD Course Work for the scholars who were admitted in the Autumn Session of 2017 (in the Academic Year 2017-18) are shown below.

Grading Scale
The Grades are assigned as per the PhD Regulations 2016 of GU:
  1. Grade A : 90% and above
  2. Grade B : 70% to 89%
  3. Grade C : 50% to 69%
  4. Grade D : Below 50%

Points to be Noted
Please note the following:
  1. The minimum pass grade is Grade C.
  2. Those who have received Grade D in one (or more papers), they need to attend the Course Work in the subsequent sessions and re-appear in the examinations of the corresponding papers. The scholar need not appear in the papers where the scholar could get a grade higher than D.
  3. A scholar who gets Grade D in one (or more papers), must clear the papers within three years of the scholar's date of admission into the PhD programme. So, if a scholar took admission in the session 2017-18, s/he MUST clear all the papers by 2019-20 session.
  4. All other processes will continue for a scholar who gets Grade D in a paper (or more). For example, the process of Final Registration, Provisional Registration etc. will continue as usual. However, if at the end of three years, the scholar fails to clear all the papers, the PhD registration will be cancelled.