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Cygnus Cluster

The Cygnus Cluster is a 60-Core HPC (High Performance Computing) Cluster running CentOS operating system. The cluster is mainly used to do highly computation intensive parallel programs using MPI.

Compilers and Debuggers
The cluster is equipped with GCC, GFORTRAn and their MPI equivalent compilers. The famous TOTALVIEW parallel debugger is also available.

Using this Computing Facility
In order to use this facility, you MUST have an account with the Physics NETWork. Besides, you MUST be either a Faculty Member of the department or a registered Research Scholar (or a Postdoctoral Fellow). You can also have a temporary account, if you are guest and would like to use this facility for a short time.

To use this facility, you need to register first. Please click on the Register link from the left panel to register. On successful registration, you will receive your username, password, and instructions to use the cluster.