How to Use the Smart Class Room

Avoid Chalk!

The Physics Gallery is equipped with multi-level facilities depending on the use and requirement. Follow the following steps to effectively use the systems. Refer to the diagram below and How to Use section.

We suggest that you use the digital writing pad to take your class and DO NOT use chalk. Use chalk only when it is unavoidable. There are also White Boards, which can be occasionally used.

The above switches work in tandem i.e. for the 3rd switch to work, both the 1st and 2nd should be on. For the 4th switch to work, all the previous three should be on

I want to use the digital pad (DTK-1651) instead of black board
  1. Switch on the first switch marked 1. This will switch on the Computer, Projector, Screen and the Tablet. Use the white remote control to lower the screen or the switch by the side of the black board. Switch on the projector with the black remote control. Switch on the digital tablet from the press-switch on the left.
  2. You should now see the computer screen on the screen as well as on the digital tablet. From this point onward, you will control the computer with the help of the digital pen which should be in the slot on the top side of the tablet.
  3. With the pen, login as Gallery User. You will not need any password for this.
  4. Look for an icon Open Sankore on the desktop, which is a digital black-board application. Double tap the icon with your pen and you are ready to go.
  5. When you are finished, switch off the tablet and projector ONLY. Leave the switch 1 in ON position for the next user. DO NOT turn off the computer and pull the screen up. Leave it for the next user. If you happen to be the last speaker, shut down the whole system.

I want to use the audio
  1. Just switch on the switch marked 2. after you have switched on 1. You can now use the mike on the podium or a collar microphone. If the mike on the podium does not work, it is probable that the podium is not switched on. Switch it on by pressing the switch which located at the bottom of the podium.
  2. Switch the audio off when your are done.

I want to record whatever I write on the tablet
  1. It is connected to the switch marked 3 which should be on all the time. If not, switch it on.
  2. DO NO switch it off when you leave the class.

I want to record the whole class
  1. Switch on the last switch i.e. the switch marked 4. This will switch on the IP Dome camera and record the whole class.
  2. When you are finished, switch it off.
  3. When you are switching it on for someone, please ASK whether the person wants the class to be recorded. This courtesy should be maintained.

Take Care and Follow Instructions

This is your class room and please take care to keep the instruments in good condition. Please follow the following precautionary measures.
  1. Try NOT to use chalk. It produces dust and dust is not good for the instruments.
  2. DO NOT switch off the 3rd switch. Leave it on all time.
  3. DO NOT switch off the 1st switch directly. If you have to switch it off (for example when there is nobody to use the classroom), shut down the computer with the help of the tablet and then switch it off. Switching off the 1st switch directly will cause the computer server to crash and may result in data corruption.
  4. If you are confused or not sure what to do or get stuck at some point call someone from the office (Debabrata Barua or contact Madhurjya P Bora).