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Network Resources

The Physics Department has a fully networked Computer Lab which is located in the first floor. The department is also equipped with a high speed WiFi. In order to use these resources, you need to have a Login ID (or User ID) and Login Password. Besides, to use the Internet through WiFi (or through a LAN cable), you will need another password called the Internet Password.

How to connect to WiFi (or to the departmental LAN through cable)
Use the following particulars to connect to the Physics WiFi

 1. SSID : Physics-WiFi
 2. Access : Free
 3. Proxy Server's IP address
 4. Proxy Port : 8080
 5. User ID : Your User ID
 6. Internet Password : Your Internet Password (Proxy Password)

Departmental Computing Facilities
The department maintains a computer lab, which is located upstairs. We have deployed HP (with Intel Core i7 processors) All-in-One business class PCs as computational workstations, with Debian 9 as the O/S. You should use the User ID and the Login Passwords to login to these machines. You can configure your favourite browsers to use the above Proxy Server configuration for network access.

We also have network file servers where all your files are stored, which you can access from any of the compute nodes.

All necessary softwares including latest C, C++, Fortran 95 compilers, TeX/LaTeX desktop publishing software (and graphical front ends), plotting softwares such as GNUPlot etc. are installed. 

Using the departmental computing resources
An user need to register for an User Id and required passwords which are required to use these facilities. If you are the new batch of (2017 onwards) MSc Physics students, then your User ID and passwords are generated automatically and will be emailed to you after you have successfully verified your credentials.

Changing your password
You should change your Login Password after you have logged into the system for the first time. To change the password, issue the command


in a terminal which stands for Yellow Page Password.