Welcome - to the Class of 2020!

Welcome to the new batch of MSc (Physics and Radiological Physics) students. You have been through a tough competition, to be a part of this historic institution and we congratulate you for this.

Be a part of the Physics Department and start your exciting two-year (initially) journey with us. The Physics Department is WiFi enabled and High Speed Internet is free for 24 hours.

The class attendance is mandatory and this is electronically taken in the Physics Department. In your lecture gallery you will find two electronic attendance recorder installed (on both sides). You need to authenticate your presence 3 (three) times a day for 4 theory periods. The timing of the classes are from 9:30 AM to 14:00 Hours (First day starts from 10:00 AM). You can find details about attendance recording window  here  (or navigate from the left). You can find the class time table  here  (or navigate from the menu on the left). The MSc (Physics) Syllabus is  here .

You will soon be allotted a Login ID and passwords which will enable you to access the high speed network from the department. This Login ID is also required to use the computational facilities of the department and printing. Note that you need a valid email ID to use the Physics NetWORK. Once registered, you will start receiving important departmental emails regularly. Your account with us will be valid for two years.

The Physics Department heavily relies on Internet and network connectivity. Many important announcements are issued online. So, we request you to use your device (phone, tabs, and laptops) freely inside the department. However, please refrain from using mobile phones inside the classes.

The departmental Computer Lab is open 7 x 24.

The Physics Department has a Physical Society (you already have paid a fee for this!). The Physical Society holds various academic activities including holding weekly seminar, popularly known as the Friday Seminar. It is held every working Friday at 2:30. You will receive notification prior to the seminar. For details, please see  Friday Seminar  on the left.

We also operate the only Astronomical Observatory (GUO) of this region (see left).

Visit this page frequently to update yourself about recent happenings at the Physics, GU.