In Focus C-N and C-S cross coupling
Efficient protocol for C–N and C–S cross coupling

Prodeep Phukan and his coworkers'  paper on C-N and C-S cross coupling has been one of the top cited papers in the journal Chemical Communications of Royal Society of Chemistry.

Subhasish Roy, Manas Jyoti Sarma, Bishwapran Kashyap, and Prodeep Phukan

A rapid and efficient protocol for C–N and C–S cross coupling has been developed using a new square pyramidal copper complex, [Cu(DMAP)4I]I. The complex was successfully synthesised via a disproportionation reaction of CuI and DMAP in DMSO. The catalytic activity of the complex was found to be excellent for Chan–Lam coupling reaction between aryl boronic acid and amine, amide, azide or thiol. The reaction could be carried out in the presence of only 2 mol% of the copper catalyst in methanol at room temperature within a short time.