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More about Ragging

Ragging is a crime

Ragging is a serious offence. Actions against persons who are resorting to ragging are
  • Exemplary (i.e. severe) punishment
  • Lodging of an FIR without any delay
  • Expulsion of the guilty students and refusal of admission to any other institute
  • Priority trial
Gauhati University is committed towards preventing the menace of ragging. So, we encourage our students to report about ragging activities immediately. The identities of the victims (and informers) will NOT be disclosed.

What is ragging?

Any kind of forceful act can be a ragging problem - be it physical, verbal, or mental. If you are being verbally abused, physically or mentally tortured, forcefully made to do things which hurt your self-respect, pride, and dignity then you are a victim of ragging. Report to us immediately.