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New Security Arrangement

Starting from August 1, 2014, we have made the security arrangement for the campus two tier. While the internal security is covered by the in-house personnel, the blanket security (gates) is covered by an outsourced agency. From April 10, 2015 the blanket security cover is handed to Home Guards, Assam.

Closure of Gates

To improve the security of the campus some of the existing gates are permanently closed down and some are closed during the night (see below).

The following gates are permanently closed down. People are requested to use the internal road instead. The closed gates bear signboards indicating the nearest gate. These gates are the gates leading to:

 Department of Chemistry       :  Permanently closed
 Department of Botany :  Permanently closed
 Department of Physics : Permanently closed
 Department of Environmental Science : Permanently closed

The following gates are closed during the time shown. In case of emergency, however, the security personnel at the gate will open these gates such as in case of medical emergency, police patrolling, fire etc.

 Sundarbari Gate:10:00 PM to 06:AM
 Old SBI Gate (UBI Gate):10:00 PM to 06:AM
 ATM Gate:07:00 PM to 06:AM
 Last Gate (gate leading hostels):10:00 PM to 06:AM

Vehicle Pass

Anybody entering the campus MUST posses a GU Vehicle Pass, which is issued to permanent employees of the university and students. The process to obtain a GU Vehicle Pass is now made fully online. To avail this facility, please click on the link at the left of this page. All vehicles without a pass are subject to interception at the gates and will be asked to enter their credentials in a register.

Deployment of Chowkidars

The deployment of chowkidars (on GU payroll) is fixed by the Security Officer (GU) in consultation with the Havildars.