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How to make a Download Link

How to make download link

Follow these steps when you want to make a file available for download in your webpage (or departmental page). Here we are using a test user with email ID
  1. In a browser window navigate to When prompted for login, login with your appropriate ID. Here, we are using Upon successful login, you will see the drive window. Upload your desired file which you would like to make available for download. Here, we are using our file as test.pdf (see Fig.1 below).
  1. The idea is to make the file test.pdf sharable to others so that they can download it. Click on the "Person" icon with a '+' sign at the top, which takes you to the "Sharing" window (see Fig.2 below).
  1. Click on the "Advanced" word located at the right bottom of the small white window. This will take you to the "Share Option" window (see Fig.3 below).
  1. At present the file is ONLY available for private use (i.e. for you). So, to make the accessible by others, click on the "Change..." word. This will take you to the "Option" window (see Fig.4 below).
  1. Click on the topmost option i.e. public on the web. You can however opt for other options as well if you would like the file downloadable for only a chosen few or a class of users. When done, click "Save" and you are now back to the drive window. On the drive window, click on the link icon (a chain-link icon) at the top, which will now display a copy-able link, which you should copy using your mouse or key strokes (see Fig.5 below).
  1. You have now completed the share part. Now go back to your webpage editing window. Type an appropriate word, highlight it using the mouse, and click on the link (chain-link image) from editing tools and paste the link that you have copied in the earlier step and your are done (see Fig.6 below).