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How to edit your GUWeb page

Editing your GUWeb Page

If you have opted for a GUWeb page while registering (either for individual or departmental), you will also get credentials for the GUWeb page. The GUWeb page is hosted by Google for Gauhati University's official domain. So, if you are familiar with editing a Google Site, it is same for your GUWeb page. All GUWeb pages are located in our official sub-domain at

Advantages of a GUWeb page
  • You have about 15 GB of space in every GUWeb site.
  • The GUWeb site is fully secured unless you share your password with someone.
  • In the unlikely event of a failure of the main website (which is at, the GUWeb site will be always working.

Purpose of a GUWeb page

The GUWeb page can hold data and information, which may not displayed in the main site. For example, you would like to include a video for your students in your website (or anything else), GUWeb page is your tool. So, use the GUWeb page for all information that you would like to have, which may not be a part of the main site. For an example, how to effectively use a GUWeb page, please see

How to edit your GUWeb page
  1. Navigate to your GUWeb page. We are using the GUWeb page for English Department as an example. So, our address is
  2. Once in your page, you need to sign in by navigating to the bottom of the page (see Fig.1 below), by clicking in the Sign in link.

  1. Use your institutional credentials to sign in to the site (please refer to the email you have received while registering).
  2. Once you successfully sign in, you will be presented with the editing tools (see Fig.2 below), which include a Pencil icon at the top and sharing preferences.

  1. Click on the Pencil icon at the top left of the page, which will now take you to the editing page (see Fig.3 below).


  1. Edit your page as per your need and save the page by clicking the Save button located at the top left corner of the page.
  2. You can log out of your page once you are done with the editing.
  3. You can now link the GUWeb page to your main site so that people can find it.
Note : We DO NOT provide training and help on editing a GUWeb page. Please use the Internet to search for help as there are hundreds of videos and help pages available elsewhere.