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Self-Update your Webpage

 A Step-by-Step Instruction on Self-Updating your Webpage

Pasting Texts in your Webpage

Many time you would like to paste texts from a file or from another webpage to your homepage. If you paste it directly, the editing window of your webpage may not show it, which is due to different formats. The editing window accepts texts ONLY in HTML format, which is the language for a webpage. But when you copy something from a file (say a Word document or a PDF document), the texts are NOT in HTML format, which is why the editing window can not display it.

In that case, follow the steps given below:
  1. Copy the material (i.e. texts) from the source using a mouse or with key strokes
  2. In the editing window click the "Source" icon (see below, highlighted with blue colour), which transforms the window to a "Source Code" format, where you can easily paste either using a mouse or key strokes.
Fig.1. Your Editing Window

  1. Once you have pasted the texts, click on the "Source" button again, which transforms the window to an HTML window.
  2. However note that when you paste in the "Source Code" mode, it looses all the formats of the source i.e. bold will not bold, italics will not be italics etc. Format it as per your wish and you are done.