Registration for Official Email
The following persons are eligible to get an official email ID at
  1. A faculty member (permanent or guest).
  2. A research scholar, or persons in similar positions such as project fellow, postdoctoral fellow etc.
  3. Any permanent employee of the university.
The prerequisite for Sl No 1 is that the name of the person applying for official email MUST appear in the departmental web page. For Sl No 2, a verification will have to be done by the respective supervisor. For Sl No 3, a verification call may be made by the Web Management, GU.

Update Departmental Data
The Head of the Department or any other person designated by the HoD can update the departmental data. Please note that to successfully update the departmental data, a PASSCODE is required, which has already been sent to all the Heads of Department. If you have forgotten the code, you can email to, mentioning your contact no.

Update Individual Data
A faculty member (permanent or guest) can update her individual data, provided she has an official email ID (see the first section in this page on how to get an official email ID), as this requires authentication. There are two sections - Make a New Profile and Update an Existing Profile. Choose appropriately.

If you are an Officer of the university, send an email to, if you are interested in updating your profile.

Upload Notification
An authorised person (a faculty member or an officer) from the university can upload notification to be displayed in the university website in the "Notification" section. There are three types of notifications:
  1. Notices (e.g. announcing say a seminar)
  2. Advertising (e.g. announcing a position for project fellow)
  3. Tender or Quotation (e.g. inviting tender or quotation)
Note : DO NOT use this facility for advertisement for university positions such as faculty member, officer etc. This is illegal and you may held responsible for violation of Code of Conduct.