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1. Preface

Online applications are invited from registered and experienced firms and individuals for participating in Limited Design Competition for presentation of innovative ideas related to preparation of Architectural Plan for Construction of  Centre For Brahmaputra Studies at Gauhati University.

The basic purpose of this competition is to get the best idea for preparation of Architectural Design for Centre for Brahmaputra Studies at Gauhati University. The features of the Concept Building should 

  • Present  a site layout with a preliminary landscape plan representing the environment of the centre and the surroundings.
  • Present the concept design in terms of elevation, plan and 3-D view representing the objective of the centre.
  • Present floor spaces with the functions of the proposed use of the building / building programme.
  • Present the proposed environmental and energy conservation consideration leading towards a green building design.
  • Leave ample provision with open space in provided land area so that any future expansion can be integrated seamlessly.