This is a Series of Workshops to be held in the coming months on the new CBCS in Undergraduate Physics in all affiliated colleges of Gauhati University.

1st Workshop : Computer Practicals in Theory Papers

As the new CBCS (Choice Based Credit System) is being introduced from the current academic year (2019-20) in Undergraduate Courses of GU, the course contents of all subjects, especially Physics, saw a plethora of important changes. Among other changes, an important change is the merger of Practicals with Theory.

As opposed to earlier system, we have now practicals with all the theory papers. While the move is aimed at learning with practice, it has forced the teachers to learn newer tools and methodologies such as computers and numerical techniques. It requires now a quite a bit of insight to handle the practicals, particularly those with theory papers such as PHY-1016 which is a paper on Mathematical Physics.

The aim of this first workshop is to orient the Physics Teachers from Affiliated Colleges as the academic session begins this June.