29th Convocation

Friday, 6 May, 2022

PhD - Honoris Causa

Sri Nahendra Padun

Born in 1941 to Late Beluram Padun and Aruti Padun in Tinsukia, Sri Nahendra Padun was educated in Roborguri, Philobari, and Doom Dooma during his scholl days. He graduated from DHS Kanoi Collge, Dibrugarh in 1965, obtained MA in Assamese from Gauhati University. He also obtained training in linguistics from Madurai Univetsity in 1970.

His academic and other activities include

  • Joined as Research Scholar in Gauhati University (1967-71)

  • Joined as Lecturer in Assamese at the Sibsagar College in 1971 and retired from this college as HoD of Post-Graduate and under-Graduate department of Assamese in 2005.

  • Founder General Secretary of MISING AGOM KÉBANG, the Prime Literary organisation of Mising Language (1972 -1980) and later become President of this Kébang for two terms (1980-81 and 2000-2002).

  • General Secretary of ASOM SAHIYA SOBHA, the prime literary organisation of Assam, 1991-92) and editor of its mouthpiece ASOM SAHIYA SOBHA PATRIKA for consecutive four terms (1981 -1985).

  • Member of Folksong Audition Board, ALL INDIA RADIO, Guwahati (1969-72) and All India Radio, Dibrugarh (1972-74, 1978-84).

  • Member of Programme Advisory Board, ALL INDIA RADIO, Dibrugarh (1984-86, 1996-2000).

  • Member of Language Advisory Board of SAHITYA AKADEMI, (for North-eastern region) for 2001-2005.

  • Member of General Council of ANUNDORAM BAROOAH INSTITUTE FOR LANGUAGE, ART AND CULTURE, Guwahati, for several terms.

  • Member of General Council of SRIMANTA SANKARDEV KALAKESHETRA, Guwahati (2001-2006).

  • Executive President of the Reception Committee of ASOM SAHITY A SABHA 59th Conference held at Sivasagar, 1993.

  • Member of LINGUISTIC SOCIETY OF INDIA, Pune (1969-71).

  • Life member of LINGUISTIC SOCIETY OF ASSAM, Guwahati, Assam.

  • Member of FOLKLORE CONGRESS OF INDIA, Chandigar (2003-2005).

  • Member of ASSAMESE COUNCIL of National Book Trust of India (2013-18)


  • MEMBER OF ACADEMIC COUNCIL , Majuli Cultural University, Assam (2020 onwards)

His Awards and Titles are:

  1. NATIONAL AWARD : From the Ministry of Education and Social Welfare, Government of India, for the anthology of Poems MOR LOGRIYA, 1974-75.

  2. AGOM MIGOM: (King of [Mising] Language): A title conferred by the undivided Sibsagar District Tribal Sangha, (1987).

  3. MISING AGOM MIGOM: (King of Mising Language): A title conferred by the Nitai- PaniDihing Bangke Agom Kébang, (1993).

  4. AGOM MIGANG: ( Bhasacharyya or Linguist) : A title conferred by the MISING AGOM KÉBANG (the prime organization of Mising Language), in its 19th Session held at Gogamukh, Dhemaji (2009).

  5. BEST CITIZEN OF INDIA A W ARD 2010: A warded by International Publishing House, Delhi (2010).

  6. KENGSAM KENGLAM MEMORY AWARD: Awarded by Asam Shitya Sanmilani, Assam (1913).

  7. HEM CHANDRA BARUAH BHASA SAHITYA SADHONA AWARD: Awarded by Asam Jatiya Mancha,(2016).

  8. ANANDARAM DHEKIYA PHUKAN LITERARY AWARD : Awarded by Anandaram Dhekiyal Phukan college,Nagaon, Assam (2018).

  9. SAHITYACHARYYA: A highest honour conferred by Asom Sahitya Sabha (2019).

Some of his edited and published works are:

  1. Mising Agom Luyir (Mising language experiment in Assamese script), Mising Language, Guwahati Mising Kébang, 1970.

  2. Mising Agom Ayyir (Mising language experiment in Roman script), Mising language, Guwahati Mising Kébang, 1971.

  3. Mor Logoriya (Anthology of poems), Assamese, D.Bori, Dibrugarh, 1974.

  4. Mising Agom Mimang (Specimen of Mising language), Mising, Mising Agom Kebang, Dhemaji, 1974.

  5. Mising Asomiya Path ( Mising Language Course), Assamese, Asom Sahitya Sobha, 1981, 2nd Edition1989.

  6. Mising Loka Sadhu (Collection of Mising Folktale), Assamese, Guwahati, 1988

  7. Mising Gomlam (Mising Language Grammar), Mising, Mising Agom Kébang, Dhemaji, 1989.

  8. Acin Anurag (Anthology of poems), Assamese, Bhrigumuni, Guwahati, 1991.

  9. Asomiya Sanskritiloi Janojatiya Borongoni (Collection of essays), Lawyers Book Stall, Guwahati, 4th Edition 1992.

  10. Gathonbadar Kotha Aru Annyanya (Collection of literary critical essays), Assamese, Kaustabh Prakashan, Dibrugarh, 2004.

  11. Mising Bhasar Abhash (Itroduction to Mising Language), Assamese, Kaustabh Prakashan, Dibrugarh, 2004.

  12. Mising Lokageet (Priestly hymns of Adis and Misings with Introduction, Translation and illustrative notes and word-meaning), Assamese, Mising Agom Kébang, Dhemaji, 2005.

  13. Sahitya Tattva aru Samalochana Tattva (Literary theory and Critical theory), Assamese, Bani Mandir, Dibrugarh, 2009.

  14. Sur Sona Kabita ( A collection of Musical songs), Sivasagar, 1911

  15. Loralir Kabita aru Chintamani, (Anthology of poems), Published by Suruj Patiri, Sivasagar , 1911

  16. Mising Lokageet : Oi ni:tom (A collection of Mising Folksongs), Asam Prakashan Parishad,Assam, 2013

  17. Mising Uyu Étpong: (Essays of obscure religious cult of the Misings), Mising Agom Kébang, 2015

  18. Nahendra Padunor Kabita (Anthology of poems of Nahendra Padun) published by Sivasagar Jila Sahitya Sabha, 2015

  19. Mising Sanskritir Patabhumi (Background of Mising Culture), Mising Agom Kébang, 2016

  20. Mising Bhasa Siksha (Mising Language Primer with Grammatical Notes), Mising Adné Ope, 2016

  21. Mising Lokageet (Collection of Mising Priestly hymns), Mising Agom Kébang, 2017

  22. Mising Bhasar Abhas ( An Introduction to Mising language), Kaushtubh Prakasan, Dibrugarh, 2018

  23. Asomiya-Mising Sabdakosh ( Assamese to Mising equivalent Glossary), Mising Agom Kébang, 2018

  24. A few Aspects of Mising Language and Culture, Mising Agom Kébang, 2018

  25. A:bangor Kahini ( The Stories of the Ab:bang, the priestly hymns of the Adis and Misings) ,Kalinath Pangging, 2019

  26. Lagatiyal Mising Sabda ( Essential Mising Words), Suruj Paitri, Sivasagar, 2020

  27. Mising Bhasar babe Sangshudhita Roman Lipi, co-ed. (A scheme for adapted Roman script for Mising Language), Assamese, Mising Agom Kébang, Dhemaji, 1980.

  28. Mising Ngi:tom (Collection of Mising poems), Mising, Sivsagar, 1991.

  29. Bhasar Tattva-Kotha (An Introduction to General Linguistics), Assamese, Bani Mandir, Dibrugarh, 4th Edition 2015.

  30. Ngoluk Moman, co-ed. Dr.P. K. DuttaBorua,(Nursery Rhyms in Mising), Mising, CIIL, Mysore,1995.

  31. Cinta Prabah (Collection of Critical Essays of Post-Modern theories), Assamese, Sibsagar College Golden Jubilee Publications, Joysagar, 1998.

  32. Asomor Bhasa Parichay, co-ed. Dr. P.C. Bhattacharyya, (Introduction to Languages of Assam), Assamese, Asom Sahitya Sobha, 2005.

  33. Mising through Mising Eyes Co-ed. A.K.Thomas, (Collection Seminar Papers), English, I-CARD, Jorhat, 2005.

  34. Mising Gomnu (Mising Language new Glossary), MAK, 2017

  35. Bhasa Bigyanor Gati-Prakriti ( Collection of Linguistic Essays), Asom Sahitya Sabha Centenary Celebration Committee, Sivasagar, 2017

Some noteworthy journals and newspapers edited by Sri Padun are:

  • JILINGANI : Mouthpiece of DoomDooma Hoonlal High School, Doomdooma, 1960.

  • POSTGRADUATE STUDENTS’ JOURNAL of Gauhati University, 1966.

  • Bronson Smriti : Dr Miles Bronson’s Centenary Commemoration volume, Asom Sahitya Sabha, Sivasagar,1083.

  • ASOM SAHITY A SOBHA PA TRIKA: (Quarterly research journal & mouthpiece of Asom Sahitya Sobha,), Chandrakanta Handique Bhavan, Jorhat, 1981–1985 and 1990.

  • LUTAD: (The first News Paper in Mising Language) Sivasagar, 1981-1986.