29th Convocation

Friday, 6 May, 2022

PhD - Honoris Causa

Sri Sumanta Chaliha

Born in the year 1958 in Titabar, Sri Sumanta Chaliha is a Civil Engineer by profession.

His work assignemnets are:

  • Resident Editor, Amar Asom (Jorhat edition) - from February 1997 to October 2000.

  • Vice-Chairman, Publication Board Assam - from October 2016 till date.

His own publications include

  1. Adhunik Asamiya Sabdakosh (An Assamese dictionary, in which words were included from major Tribal Languages of Assam including Bodo, Karbi, Rabha & Mishing for the first time) (Published in 1991)

  2. Asamiya Samarthak Sabdakosh (The first AssameseThe thesaurus) (Published in 1998)

  3. Asamiya Jatir Bhavishyat (A collection of essays on Socio-cultural topics of Assam) (Published in 2006)

  4. Trisanku-Tridiv (Novel) (Published in 2010)

  5. Jananir Santan (Novel, which was translated into English and marketed by Amazon worldwide) (Published in 2013)

  6. Anupama (Novel) (Published in 2014)

  7. The Pronouncing Contemporary English-Assamese Dictionary (Published in 2016)

  8. Agrani Ussaran Abhidhan (First Pronouncing Dictionary in Assamese, considered to be a unique Research work on Assamese Pronunciation System) (Published 2021)

His edited publications include

  1. Hem Barua Rachanavali (first & second volume) (2017)

  2. Sahityacharjya Jatindranath Goswami Rachanavali (first & second volume) (2019)

  3. Jogendra Narayan Bhuyan Rachanavali (2020)

His other assignments are

  1. Member, Publication Board Assam (1991-1993)

  2. Assistant Secretary, Asam Sahitya Sabha (1996-97)

  3. Member, Language Adivisory Board (Assamese), Sahitya Akademi (2008-2012)

  4. Member, High Level Committee constituted by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India for Implementation of Clause VI of the Assam Accord

  5. President, Governing Body, S.B. Deorah College, Guwahati