From 2017 onwards, with the Digital-GU initiative, the university has completely moved into an e-governance system through its unique Integrated University Management System OR the IUMS.

All major functioning of the administration, including admission, examination, finance, storage, grievance management, student database, alumni database etc. are all managed through the IUMS.

The following e-governance sub-systems constitute the core of the GU Office Automation system.


The Integrated University Management System is the heart of the Digital-GU initiative. It handles all major student, examination, admission, and financial affairs.


AROHAN is the Scholastic Data Repository of all faculty members of GU. It stands for Academic and Research Objectives Handler through which all GU Faculty members log their scholastic data and is open throughout the year.

It is a part of the IQAC, GU.


ADR (Academic Data Repository) is the Data Logging Platform for GU's academic departments and student's' welfare offices.

It is a part of the IQAC, GU.


GU-CAS is the GU's Career Advancement Management System, which is completely automated and digitised. It handles all promotion schemes of faculty members as well as the new faculty recruitments.

It is a part of the IQAC, GU.


CensFEED is the GU's Centralised Student Feedback System through which feedbacks are collected regularly at the end of each semester examination. It is a digital and anonymous feedback collection system for present students as well as GU alumni.

It is a part of the IQAC, GU.


U-TEC is the Technical Cell for Undergraduate Examination of GU. It is a division of the IUMS. Under the U-TEC, the IUMS is comissioning a fully automatic Digital Mark Entry system. Every year, GU handles about 2.5 Lakh of undergradute examinee. This digital mark entry system is going to drastically reduce man-hours needed to digitise the examination mark entry system. We expect to achieve a four-fold decrease in time needed to digitise all the marks foils received of all 2.5 Lakh examinee.


GU-Connect is the Official Alumni Management Platform of Gauhati University, which has been launched on October 1, 2022 as a part of the year-long Platinum Jubilee Celebration programme. You can connect with this community at

It is a part of the IQAC, GU.

Scholastic Repository of Faculty Members

Career Advancement @ GU

Integated University Management

Centralised Student Feedback System

Technical Cell for UG Examinations

Internal Quality Assurance Cell

IUMS Modules

Student Administration

  • Student Admission to all courses including Online Application and Scheduling of Entrance Tests

  • Student Registration

  • Hostel Admission

  • Scheduling of Examination, Declaration of Results

  • Re-evaluation of Answer Scripts, Application for Certificates

  • Convocation Registration

  • Alumni Registration

General Administration

  • Disbursement of Salary of all Employees including PF etc.

  • Purchase and Storage

  • Application Tracking

  • Grievance Redressal