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Cirrus cloud formation in the evening over the campus

Stratus Couds

Cirrus cloud over Administrative Building

Cirrus cloud in the evening sky


The campus becomes shrouded in thick, white fogs in the winter months. The foggy  months starts from October and continues till early February. The ambient temperature in the campus stays almost  one to  three degrees below the temperature of the city area and the surroundings due to its greeneries.

The above photograph shows an early January morning fog.


In the spring and autumn, the campus wears a very colourful look with its blooming Gulmohurs and other flowering trees like Golden Shower (সোনাৰু).

The university is also famously known as the Land of Gulmohur (কৃষ্ণচূড়া নগৰী) for the abundance of Golmhur trees throughout the campus. It also figures in popular songs and literatures.

With numerous wet lands, the campus is also a site of local biodiversity.

Trees from the Botanical Garden (Above)

The Botanical Garden is maintained by the Department of Botany. Spread across the campus at the foot of a small hill, the garden has some rare species of plants.

Nightfall (Above)

The western sky as it makes a transition from the daylight to dusk.

A Rare Double Rainbow

The secondary rainbow can be see as the faint bow above the primary. Look slightly away from the centre toward the periphery of the photograph, which makes it clear.


Sunrise over the hills in the east end of the campus

Reclaimed Waterbodies

Reclaimed waterbodies in front of the Indoor Stadium and Office of the Diectorate of Students' Welfare

Riot of Colours