Land Coverage of the campus

Cloud formations over the campus (see our Gallery for more nature photographs of the campus)

Some Facts

Diversified Academics

  • In terms of existing courses (more than 210) and subjects offered, we are more diversified than any other institutes of national importance in the entire Northeast India. We cater to wide spectrum of social and economic strata.

  • The university offers courses not only in Technology and Management educations but also in a wide range of courses in science, social sciences and humanities (including a law) which are aimed to mitigate the unique problems and specific concerns of the Northeastern part of India.

  • Some of our courses (like Radiological Physics) are the only one such course in the entire Northeast and among very few in the whole country. As of now placement record for this course is 100%.

High Demand Ratio

  • We enjoy a good and consistent demand ratio (on an average of 1:10) in terms of admission to our courses.

Good Teacher-Student Ratio

  • Our current teacher-student ratio is almost 1:16.

Green & Sprawling Campus

  • Excluding the existing buildings and other facilities, there is enough vacant land available in the campus for future developments and there is no need for land acquisition.

  • Two Hundred Sixty Three (263) acres of vacant land are available for development which is 51% of total campus area.