Four-Year Undergraduate Programme (FYUGP)

Credit Framework

Each semester of a 4-Year Bachelor Degree (FYUGP) course will have a maximum of 22 credits with a total of 132 credits for 3-Year Degree Course and 176 credits for a 4-Year Degree Course. Apparently, the Masters Course will have 44 credits in a year with a total of 88 credits in two years. The baseline for total credits is 120 for a 3-Year course and 160 for a 4-Year course. So, a student can choose to have a total credit between 120 and 132 by the end of a 3-Year Bachelor Degree course.

The basic division of credits for a 3-Year Bachelor Degree course is shown in figure alongside. The basic division for a 4-Year course is shown in Fig.fig:Division-of-credits-1 and fig:Division-of-credits-1-1. In the 4th year, there are however two options – (a) Degree with Honours and (b) Degree with Honours and Research. Overall, a 3-Year Degree course consists of two sections — a Core Section and a Common Section. While the Core Section consists of Major and Minor papers, the Common Section is divided into 5 sub-groups.

Fig.1 The minimum division of credits for a 3-Year Bachelor Degree Course

Fig.1 The minimum division of credits for a 3-Year Bachelor Degree Course

As shown in the figures, the base credit score for a 3-Year course is 120 and a student needs to have at least 50% of 120 i.e. 60 credits in a subject to qualify for a major in that subject. In the same way a minor course will have 12 credits and a student can have two minors with a total of 24 credits. Apart from the Major subject, if a student can obtain 48 credits in a particular subject, the student will get a double major.



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