Four-Year Undergraduate Programme (FYUGP)

Subject Groups & Course Verticals

Subject Groups

We describe here the Course Groups and Course Verticals. The verticals are groups of subjects for Major and Minors, from which one can choose subjects subject to conditions, which can vary from one vertical to another. There will be however NO conditions to choose subjects between different verticals. 

The verticals are themselves are parts of Subject Groups. Some sample Subject Groups are shown below.

Fig. Subject Groups which will contain the Verticals. Please NOTE that these are ONLY for demonstration purpose. In the implemented programme, these may change.

Course Verticals

Some sample Course Verticals for the Science Group is shown below. Please NOTE that this is ONLY for demonstration purpose. As you can see, each vertical has their own conditions. So, a student can choose say Physics (or Electronics Science), Chemistry, and Mathematics OR Chemistry, Biotechnology, and Environmental Science. 

In due course of time we shall publish various subject groups with their verticals.

Fig. Subject Verticals for the Subject Group Science.



Working Groups

Course Structure 

Course Verticals


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