Four-Year Undergraduate Programme (FYUGP)

Syllabi : Prerequisites & Requirements (Core Subjects)

Prequisites / Requirements (Core Subjects)


Any prospective student willing to take admission into the FYUGP under GU will need to have qualified the suject-prerequisites (i.e. subuects s/he MUST have studied and passed at Class X / XII-level).


When a student takes admission into the FYUGP under GU, s/he will necessarily choose some Core Subjects. However some Core Subjects have certain requiremnets (or constarintes) besides the prerequisites. For example, anyone who wishes to study Botany (a Core Subject), must also necessarily study Chemistry at the same level. These are parallel requirements i.e. requirements within the subjects of FYUGP. These constraints will be known as Requirements.

List of Prerequisites / Requirements (Core Subjects)

Disclaimer : All these Prerequisites / Requirements may change at any time.

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